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Love is an amazing emotion, when you feel it, it feels like everything is in slow motion.

It can drive us crazy with lust, and it can drive us crazy with mistrust.

It’s easy to fall in and out of love, it feels like someone stepping on your heart from above.

It’s something you can’t control, it’s not like school,you can’t just enroll.

So be careful who you fall in love with, because heart break is not a myth.

I met the love of my life very young, her name is always on the tip of my tongue.

I guess I’m a lucky one, so when you meet yours, go for it, don’t turn around and run.

By:Chris Struthers



It comes when you don’t need it, when you do you only get a bit.

I think its mother natures way of showing she runs the show, when she decides to prove it, you better lay low.

A single rain drop is a beautiful thing, it almost looks like a big diamond in a ring.

Everything in life needs rain, even the most rugged of terrain.

I love to stand out in a rain a storm, the most enjoyable are the ones that are warm.

Rain it comes, it go’s, when we will see it again no one really knows.

By:Chris Struthers


Is there such a place, if there was I’m sure it would be open to any race.

It would be a place where we all hold hands, and foil the government’s plans.

sometimes I wounder if the world has gone crazy, or has all of our mines became lazy.

Most people don’t think before they take action, this world is full of distraction.

Its to bad their couldn’t be world peace, but the devil’s machine is well greased.

If their was a wounderland, I’m sure we would all march to the same band.

By:Chris Struthers

My Grandmother

She’s one of the most kind hearted people that I ever met, God why did you have to take her, I wasn’t ready for her to go yet.

I loved her so much, I had her name tatted on my chest with RIP under it in hope that she’s at rest.

Sure she spoiled me rotten, if I could see her one more time, I would give every thing back that I had gotten.

I guess that’s what grandmother’s are for, this is some thing you can’t ignore.

Sometimes I dream of her, then I wake up and my dream is a blur.

It makes me want to scream, I wish I could remember all of that dream.

She had this glow, like when the sun shines on fresh snow.

I think she looks down on me, and is proud of the man she made me be.

In closing I love and miss you Nana, to me you will always be the greatest grandma.

RIP Marian Insley I LOVE YOU

By:Chris Struthers


Some times I wounder if I’m the only one with anxiety, but then I realize I’m not in the minority.

Some times I want to cry, but a tear won’t even fall from my eye.

Some times I drink to cover it up, all that does is make my mind even more corrupt.

I take my pill, but everything still feels surreal.

You go to work, but its a jerk.

It’s always on your mind, like a stranger sneaking up from behind.

Sometime’s you feel fine, and sometimes you feel like you’ve lost your mind.


The day my son was born was the greatest day of my life I have sworn.

I touched his tiny fingers on his hand, my heart fluttered and beated like a band.

He looked at me with his mother’s blue eyes, and I knew he had some of her family ties.

It’s amazing he looks just like me, someday I think a great man he will be.

I will try to give him a life that is good, I would give up my soul if I could.

Please God be good to him, please not a life like mine, so grim.


Life is like a rain drop, you never know when it will stop. You hope it will never end, but lets not pretend. It will splash one day, and at some point in the ground we will all lay. Some day you will wake up, and realize that life is corrupt.

Someday you will look at the sky, and say to yourself that you are just an ordinary guy. The hope’s and dreams that once were are now a blur. When it comes to dreams, all I do is wake up and scream. I thought I would be a big star, but I can’t even drive a car.

I’m like the rest of my generation, I wanted to be famous with no explanation. I wanted everybody to like me, but I come to fine out I’m like a bee, ten million in a hive, ten million that for the same thing they thrive. So I look at famous people, like there life is in a steeple, with Jesus. We can’t all be famous, for all of us, he can not please us. I look at my boy and realize he is the most important joy. I’d rather be a father then give those thoughts a bother.

By:Chris Struthers