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By Galya Dimitrova

The world of rich and famous – a glamorous mycrocosmos where reigns eternal joy, laughter and carelessness. “Always sunny in the rich man’s world.” Or at least so it seems for the outsiders. F. Scott Fitzgerald, however, tells us a different story. A story about the world of the rich who have nothing else but money. A tragis story about a man and his dream to become someone who would suit his beloved. A biography of hollowness, hysteria and extravagance. The story about The Great Gatsby. 

Before I start analysing the characters, I would like to say I like the movie as much as I like the book. I cannot possibly

choose the one over the other. The book tells an amazing story – moving, cruel, eternal. The dazzling worl Fitgerald creates makes you so involved in the story that once you start the book, you can’t…

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