A line of digital clouds and umbrellas dominated the seven day forecast on the computer screen in front of me.  I sunk back in the soft chair and rued the booze induced missed opportunity that snookered my cross Kanto expedition.

“Probably just going to be a few showers here and there,” I reassured myself.  Getting wet should’ve been any real concern anyway, I’d just spent five days hiking beneath brilliant midsummer skies and was drenched from head to toe most of the time anyway.

Supplies restocked I hunted down a roll of gaffer tape and added it to the goodies.  The boots were hanging on in there but a blowout was imminent, especially if water was going to be entering into the equation.

Tuesday dawned encouragingly bright and back on the Joetsu Line, I rode the rails north toward Tanigawa-dake, a dramatic rocky peak…

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