Life is like a rain drop, you never know when it will stop. You hope it will never end, but lets not pretend. It will splash one day, and at some point in the ground we will all lay. Some day you will wake up, and realize that life is corrupt.

Someday you will look at the sky, and say to yourself that you are just an ordinary guy. The hope’s and dreams that once were are now a blur. When it comes to dreams, all I do is wake up and scream. I thought I would be a big star, but I can’t even drive a car.

I’m like the rest of my generation, I wanted to be famous with no explanation. I wanted everybody to like me, but I come to fine out I’m like a bee, ten million in a hive, ten million that for the same thing they thrive. So I look at famous people, like there life is in a steeple, with Jesus. We can’t all be famous, for all of us, he can not please us. I look at my boy and realize he is the most important joy. I’d rather be a father then give those thoughts a bother.

By:Chris Struthers


About strutdogg

I am an aspiring model,artist,poet, and I dabble in photography View all posts by strutdogg

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