dope and love

All these kids geting high, I tell them I’ve been down that road, you can tell your life bye-bye. They go as far as licking the back of a toad, you might just as well fold.

At one time I smoked bongs and dreamed of girls in thongs. Until I found out it was wrong for me, I smoked so much I might have just as well have drank it as herbal tea. I sold everything to smoke, I would have gave my life for a toke.

Now that’s enough about dope, and how I didn’t hang myself with a rope. I owe my life to my wife, she’s the one who kept me from cutting my wrists with a knife. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve showed her love, but when she’s around my heart flutter’s like the wings of a dove.

By: Chris Struthers

PS, I’ve been sober since 2004


About strutdogg

I am an aspiring model,artist,poet, and I dabble in photography View all posts by strutdogg

2 responses to “dope and love

  • teawithmanaguagunn

    This has to be rad aloud! You have wonderful rhythm in the writing there. The sincerity also shines. Thanks for all, I’ll be looking through yours and making sure I spread it too. Thinking of doing a piece about marijuana so will surely use your oration above!

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