every one of these stereotypes hit the nail right on the head

The Waiting

One of the big incentives I have for going to the gym is to observe the wildlife there. I have collected some data about the people I am likely to see, and today I will present my findings.

1. Pacers

You can mostly find these people around the weightlifting area. They lift about 500 pounds and then just pace around for 30 minutes until they approach the machine and nearly kill themselves lifting again. Then they go home. Although I don’t usually lift weights at the gym (I heft a 13-pound weight around the house all day long, thank you), I can’t imagine that this is an optimal fitness plan.

2. Friend Makers

At each gym I’ve been a member of, there has always been a guy who wants to strike up a conversation and make friends with any warm body available. Perhaps he wants to become king of the…

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