Girl on the Contrary


Did you know you aren’t allowed to get angry when you’re a bride? Yeah. That’s a thing. You aren’t allowed to get angry because no matter how justified your anger, everyone will call you a “Bridezilla” and completely disregard your feelings, even if they’re legitimate….because you’re getting married….so, that automatically makes you a “Bridezilla”. Apparently, it’s science.

Say, for example, you’re a bride and a member of your bridal party intentionally hits you with their car (you know, for laughs) – you totally can’t get mad at them because then everyone will say “She’s just stressed about having two broken legs at the wedding and is being such a Bridezilla.” That is a thing that would happen.

Or, on a less violently hyperbolic note, perhaps someone you’ve invited to the wedding makes a big deal about how inconvenient your wedding is for them and what a hassle it will be to…

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